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DynAgro and DynaTer – sustainable alternatives to mineral fertilisers.

 Agriculture turns its attention to organic fertilisers.

In addition to producing energy in biogas plants using collected food waste, SARIA subsidiary ReFood is driving forward recycling of food waste material. The fermented residue that emerges at the end of the biogas production process is a highly effective, sustainable fertiliser for agriculture. Mineral fertilisers are manufactured synthetically, which involves complex processes and often high consumption of very limited resources. In contrast, ReFood’s production of 180,000 tonnes of DynAgro fertiliser each year helps conserve phosphorus, which is a finite resource. DynAgro serves as a replacement for mineral fertilisers, while at the same time improving the humus content of the soil.

The KFU Group markets DynaTer, another organic fertiliser that provides a sustainable alternative to mineral fertilisers. DynaTer is based on meals obtained from processing animal by-products. Unlike DynaTer, the manufacture and transportation of mineral-based fertilisers consumes large quantities of fossil fuels (mineral oil and natural gas) and scarce natural resources, especially phosphate. As an organic fertiliser, DynaTer is eminently suitable for the organic farming sector and for farmers looking for a more eco-friendly fertiliser.  


Using DynAgro and DynaTer as sustainable alternatives conserves natural resources and helps combat climate change.





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