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Sustainable fuel saves 400,000 tonnes of CO2.

 Biodiesel from ecoMotion contributes significantly to combating climate change and protecting resources.

The SARIA Group has been producing second-generation biodiesel from animal by-products since 2001. SARIA subsidiary ecoMotion now has three biodiesel facilities with total annual capacity of 212,000 tonnes. If this capacity were to be fully utilised, the biodiesel produced each year would replace fossil fuels and save nearly 400,000 tonnes of CO2. This equates to the annual energy-related CO2 emissions of 170,000 households or the annual CO2 emissions produced by roughly the same number of cars.


The material  required to produce biodiesel based on animal fats is readily available as by-products from de food industry.





For more information on sustainability at SARIA, click here for the sustainability issue of SARIAnews.. 

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