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The story of success.

Our know-how developed over many years provides the foundation for new areas of business.

SARIA Bio-Industries AG & Co. KG was the name under which the company was established in 1998 as an independent division of the RETHMANN Group. The aim was to enable all the company’s business activities, which up until that point had been organised within RETHMANN TBA GmbH & Co. KG, to be bundled in a product and services segment. The takeover of a recycling plant in Marl (Germany) in 1977 heralded RETHMANN’s historic move into the recycling of animal by-products.


In 1995 the company took over the 16 processing operations of two French companies, Soprorga and SFM, which supplemented its own existing processing operations – seven in Germany and one each in Austria, Poland, the Czech Republic and Spain.


The company name, SARIA, was also part of the acquisition. Since 1998 this has been the name of the entire Group throughout Europe. Since then the company has continued to grow through the development of new business areas, the extension of existing processing operations, and the acquisition of other companies in the processing sectors.

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