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SARVAL and Fischermanns merge activities

SARVAL GmbH, a subsidiary of the SARIA Group, and Fischermanns GmbH & Co. KG are joining forces. On 7 June 2017, the management teams of the two companies agreed to merge their business activities. The merger is subject to...more

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Products and services
that are part of everyday life


The SARIA Group operates in a range of sectors worldwide. The Group’s companies manufacture quality products for use in human and animal foodstuffs, agriculture, aquaculture, and industrial applications. SARIA also produces new energies and provides services for farming and the food industry. Browse through our site to see just what sets the Group and its products and services apart.




Products that everyone knows

Golden yellow, crispy and very tasty – SARIA chip fats, UNIMELT, ALVA and GERLICHER, give chips their flavour. But its not just in catering and the food industry that you’re likely to come across SARIA products – you’ll also find them being used as natural additives in pet food, in aquaculture and in the fat processing industry. 

Energy that conserves resources

Supplies of fossil fuels are limited – renewable energies are the future! SARIA has responded to this challenge and is already producing renewable energies, such as biogas and biodiesel. We are also very much at home in other areas of ecological energy generation.

Essential services

Whenever there is waste in catering, business or in the food industry, these leftovers have to be disposed of quickly and cleanly. SARIA takes on all of the tasks involved in their disposal – from collection through to material and thermal recycling. SARIA also collects, recycles and disposes of waste products from farming and the meat processing industry. 





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