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We are constantly developing new and improved technologies, process and products to make sure we always offer the very best.

Exceptional expertise in all areas.

Diversified know-how and high-quality products are what make SARIA a company which has been able to prove itself in many different areas. And our products are a basic component of numerous products which are used in everyday life. The range of applications extends from human foodstuffs, to the fodder industry and agriculture, and to numerous industrial applications. We also generate bioenergy in the form of fats, biodiesels and biogas which are then used to produce energy – as a sensible alternative to fossil energy sources, such as coal, natural gas and oil. And last but not least, we also offer our customers a comprehensive range of services for disposing of biological and plant waste.


As market conditions and legal frameworks in individual countries are all markedly different, you can find out more about our products and services by going to the internet sites for each of our companies in their respective countries.


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SARIA offers a wide-ranging portfolio – perfectly aligned with our customers and markets.

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