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SARVAL and Fischermanns merge activities



SARVAL GmbH, a subsidiary of the SARIA Group, and Fischermanns GmbH & Co. KG are joining forces. On 7 June 2017, the management teams of the two companies agreed to merge their business activities. The merger is subject to approval from the competition authorities.

SARVAL Germany and Fischermanns have agreed to merge their animal by-product processing activities. The merger gives the SARIA Group a majority stake in the new joint company, which will be called SARVAL Fischermanns GmbH. SARVAL has sites in Marl, Hopfgarten and Würzburg where animal by-products are collected and processed into high-quality fats and proteins for the pet food industry and for technical applications. Fischermanns operates a fat rendering plant in Duisburg. In Dissen, Fischermanns subsidiary Kurt Fülling Tierprodukte GmbH operates two production lines for processing animal by-products – a fat rendering facility and a production line for processing animal by-products. Both facilities manufacture fats and proteins for pet food and technical applications.
Franz-Bernhard Thier, member of the SARIA Executive Board, said: “The synergies resulting from the merger will ensure that the new company is a reliable partner capable of offering a full product range – comprising mixed meals and fats, protein meals and fats derived from a single species for use in pet food, and fats fit for human consumption. This diverse range of end products will create real added value for customers and suppliers alike.”

The merger of the two companies enables a range of positive impacts. Technical expertise can be pooled, synergies leveraged to improve logistics operations and it will be possible to achieve far greater added value overall, thereby benefiting suppliers and customers. The employment relationships of the employees at the various locations remain unchanged. The merger coincides almost exactly with the lifting of the export ban on ruminant proteins, which is scheduled for 1 July 2017. This will unlock further potential with regard to marketing the mixed meals produced in Dissen and Hopfgarten.

Karl-Heinz Fischermanns, shareholder and managing director of Fischermanns GmbH & Co. KG, said: “I am delighted that Fischermanns, as a family-owned company, has found a competent and reliable partner in the SARIA Group and its German SARVAL subsidiary. Going forward, SARVAL and Fischermanns will work together to further develop their joint business activities under the leadership of the existing management teams. This merger is based on sound industrial logic in our sector and will deliver real benefits for suppliers, customers, partners and employees.”


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