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SARIA and ECB join forces



The management of the two companies agreed the acquisition by SARIA of all the shares in the ECB Group on 6 February 2017. ECB, headquartered in the northern Italian town of Treviglio, specialises in processing poultry by-products and manufactures fats and proteins for the pet food industry and aquaculture.

The acquisition of the ECB Group will take effect from 1 July 2017 and marks the SARIA Group’s entry into the Italian market. ECB (www.ecb.it) is based in northern Italy and has been operating as a processor of poultry by-products since 1966. The high-quality proteins and fats are primarily marketed to manufacturers of pet food and feedstuffs for aquaculture.

Family-owned company SARIA (www.saria.com), headquartered in Selm, Germany, is an international manufacturer of quality goods for human consumption, animal nutrition, agriculture, the pharmaceutical industry and industrial applications. The company focuses mainly on producing high-quality proteins and fats from animal by-products. SARIA is also active in renewable energies and is a significant provider of services to the agriculture and food industries. The company employs around 8,000 people at 180 locations across 19 countries.

Lorenzo Bergamini, the current owner of the ECB Group, said: “I’m pleased to be handing over my long-established company to such a competent and reliable business partner. I have found the SARIA Group to be a professional and committed partner, and I am confident that the future development of ECB will offer great opportunities for customers, suppliers and, of course, the workforce of around 100 employees.”

The ECB Group has two sites in Italy – in Treviglio (Bergamo) and Sorgà (Verona). ECB also has a stake in a third production facility in Gatteo (Forlì-Cesena). The highly automated production facilities with their advanced technology ensure that the quality of the company’s poultry fats and proteins is consistently high. The group operates a further site in Ciulnita, Romania, which also processes poultry by-products.

Kurt Stoffel, Chairman of the Management Board of the SARIA Group, said: “We are delighted that our acquisition of the ECB Group now enables us to extend our operations to Italy and Romania. ECB’s specialisation in poultry by-products and the pet food industry offers excellent prospects for the future. Thanks to its expertise with regard to technology, product quality and sales, the company is a market leader in the field of poultry proteins and fats. We intend to build on this and create synergies with the SARIA divisions already operating in this field. We believe that this acquisition represents a valuable addition to the SARIA Group.”


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