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Changes in the SARIA Supervisory Board



Having reached the age limit for members, Reinhard Lohmann has left the SARIA Supervisory Board on 12 December 2017.

Reinhard Lohmann had been active on the SARIA Supervisory Board since December 2000. Reinhard Lohmann initially worked as the Commercial Manager at the RETHMANN Group, then as its CFO and later as Chairman of the Board. Following his departure from the Management Board, he moved to the Group’s Supervisory Board. He led the supervisory boards of the three divisional companies, Rhenus, REMONDIS and SARIS, as chairman for many years. “In the name of the shareholders’ family, we would like to thank him for his extraordinary involvement. He has had a lasting impact on the company’s development through his strategic far-sightedness. His constructive advice has played a part in ensuring that SARIA and the entire Group are enjoying dynamic growth at this time and have been able to develop a global presence,” said Dr Martin Rethmann, Chairman of the RETHMANN Group’s Supervisory Board.

The Supervisory Board at SARIA consists of five members: Dr Martin Rethmann (Chairman), Dr Clemens Große Frie (Deputy Chairman), Georg Rethmann, Ludger Rethmann and Klemens Rethmann.


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