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Change in leadership at SARIA Group



Kurt Stoffel, Chairman of the Executive Board of SARIA SE & Co. KG, has decided to step down from his position within the SARIA Group. While both the Supervisory Board of the SARIA Group and the Rethmann family greatly regret this decision, they respect Kurt Stoffel’s wish to pursue a new professional challenge. Announcing the change in leadership, Martin Rethmann, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the RETHMANN Group and of SARIA SE & Co. KG, commented: “Kurt Stoffel has brought great entrepreneurial commitment to the Executive Board of our Group for almost 17 years. During that time, he has made a major contribution to the very positive development of the SARIA Group. On behalf of the Supervisory Board and the shareholders, I would like to express my warmest gratitude to Kurt Stoffel and wish him all the best for the future, both personally and professionally.”


For his part, Kurt Stoffel expressed his thanks to the Rethmann family as well as to his fellow board members, management and staff across the SARIA Group for the very close, loyal and fruitful collaboration over the years.


In agreement with the Supervisory Board and Executive Board, Kurt Stoffel will officially step down as Chairman on 20 September 2018, but remain available to assist with the transfer of his responsibilities until 31 October 2018. After consultation with the other SARIA Executive Board members, the Supervisory Board has decided not to appoint a new Chairman for the time being. Instead, the various responsibilities will be shared by the members of the Executive Board.




Family-owned company SARIA (www.saria.com), headquartered in Selm, Germany, is an international manufacturer of quality goods for human consumption, animal nutrition, agriculture, the pharmaceutical industry and industrial applications. The company focuses mainly on producing high-quality proteins and fats from animal by-products. SARIA is also active in renewable energies and is a significant provider of services to the agriculture and food industries. The company employs around 9,000 people at more than 200 sites across 22 countries.


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