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  • Unique procurement network

    Our portfolio ranges from standard products such as chicken or pig organs to special animal species such as ostrich or kangaroo. Thanks to our unique procurement network, we can implement any of your product requests.

  • Hier steht etwas

    Pasta, slurries or mixed and blends:

    We are here to create that unique ingredient to give your marketing team the tools they require and the one and only taste your furry customers can’t resist.


  • Most suitable products

    With our innovation department we’re able to create unique solutions for your customer. Together with you as a partner we want to continue to develop the most suitable products to make your customers happy: Pets and their petparents!


A pet is a cherished family member

If your mission is to contribute to this family relation with healthy, sustainable and qualitative products, then we at SARIA share your vision and mission. 

Our own goal “Target Zero”

You can be confident that all products delivered go through a rigorous detection mechanism so that the risk of foreign objects is reduced to the best possible minimum. 

We are close to you

You can find us in in the Netherlands, Spain, France, UK, Russia and the United States. However, additionally you can order a delivery of fresh or frozen products worldwide.

Quality, safety and sustainability are your and our key principals

This is fully implemented in the value chain from slaughter house sourcing up to you our final customer and beyond.

We invite you to take a closer look into our huge product portfolio!

Please find below sketches of our main species. Move the cursor over the images and click on the organs to get more detailed information and specific catalogs. If you need a completely customized catalog that you can’t find on this page: Please use the tool below! Just set an arrow at all the species/organs that you want to see in your catalog, enter your email address and click on “send request”. We will send you your individual catalog short term!


Considering poultry ingredients for your pet food products?  Poultry products are the most preferred and desirable ingredients for palatable and nutritious pet food. Choose from various natural and free range options. Sourced freshly poultry products increase the palatability of your final products naturally. The results are happy cats and dogs and loyal parents to your pet food brand and recipe. 

Giving you peace of mind when it comes to sustainable sourcing and supply: Benefit from one of the largest sourcing networks within the poultry industry, fully transparent, traceable and quality minded. Choose your own specific ingredient and give your customer the advantage of knowing exactly what quality ingredients they are feeding their loved cats and dogs.  

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Think about steak - the worlds most preferred meat. Whether you prefer medium over rare does not matter. It’s always the right choice to have a good piece of meat on your plate. But what about your customer’s cat or dog? It is so similar when it comes to them. You can choose for them from our large selection Beef or Veal ingredients. They will compliment your recipe and assure your customers of a highly palatable ingredient. Cats and dogs love meat. You are guaranteed the freshest Beef and Veal products when benefiting from our efficient local and global scale sourcing network. If you have a taste for grass fed British beef or a more organic Dutch taste to the traditional French way or the free ranging Spanish beef, we can serve it to you the way you like it at any place of the world. We are dedicated to producing the highest quality products with full traceability to meet  the most stringent customer requirements. You have the choice: frozen or fresh ingredients or you may choose efficiency with our customized slurries, blends or pastas. Benefiting from our efficient local and international sourcing network. 

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Pork is a cherished and old favorite amongst consumers, you can’t go wrong when including pork into your recipe. Known for being a great source of protein – Dogs and Cats can also enjoy high palatable and quality ingredients sourced from certified farms that promote sustainable and responsible pig farming. Claim, sustainability for your brand with us backing you all the way when you choose specific pork ingredients for your products. You’ll have the flexibility to optimize your process flow when choosing between mixes and unique blends in a fresh form or frozen in blocks.

Have a look at these great options for you to consider or feel free to ask us to make something truly unique to your taste.    

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Lamb is loved across the world. Imagine the taste of a slow cooked shank or a grilled chop. We all love a good cut of lamb on our plate, but what about our pets? Lamb is considered a more premium option than alternative meats. Replace liver with lamb kidney to achieve increased palatability for cats. Create a premium solution for your customers by using the unique tastes associated with Lamb based on their provenance, grazing areas, breed, fields and conditions. You can dive into a world of options when you make use of our global sourcing network from great New Zealand Lamb to Scottland Lamb. Our lamb products are sourced from only the highest quality animals to ensure best palatability possible. You have the luxury of distinguishing your brand from the rest! Keeping your production requirements in mind, here are the different formats you can benefit from – We can mince and mix the products to a form that best suits your operational demands in frozen blocks and in fresh bins.

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The basic instinct of the dog is to hunt. Staying on track with the canine instinct and by creating nostalgia for man’s best friend with a very old but trusted ingredient. Ensuring that neither you or the dog needs to go out and hunt for this prized ingredient, we always have the ingredients on demand. You can choose how we provide  the ingredient – Blended to a perfect balance, mixed with another ingredient in a slurry and delivery in either a Fresh or Frozen format.

Your menu starts here, if you can’t find what you are looking for talk to us and we will create a tailor made blend specific to your factory’s requirement. 

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Capture your customers attention with  sustainably sourced fish ingredients to offer them a complete range of land and sea options and get their pets hooked onto your brand! All our fish is sustainably sourced for your customers peace of mind. You can choose from products such as Frame / Heads / Belly / Tails with various species to consider. 

Take advantage of frozen blocks or plates to accommodate your specifications either minced or mixed or go fresh with a Salmon slurry or mechanically deboned fresh Salmon. 

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Specialty Species


Often characterized by higher nutritional value more protein, less fat, fibrillary (lower muscle fiber diameter), better sensory attributes - juiciness and tenderness, taste and aroma intensity, and desirability.


They have been bred for over ten thousand years. They have tender, flavorful flesh. With a more Intense flavour even their small tender bones can be enjoyed. 


More meat , more protein and more flavor than Chicken - Guinea fowl meat is white like chicken but is more flavoursome . They offer exceptionally high yields a 50/50 ratio between meat and carcass these are moist and meaty birds!


Are very high in protein and low in fat. They also contain B group vitamins, and lots of minerals. Having a stronger flavour, the meat tastes gamier.


Goose meat is darker, fuller bodied, and more intensely flavored than turkey. It is fatter and more gamey than duck. With a delicate texture and a deep, fuller flavor that can become addictive.


With a somewhat darker red color, coarser texture, and characteristically different flavor and aroma compared to lamb or mutton. Goat has a stronger flavor and aroma than most meats, making it great for enriching meals. 


The meat is a lean with less than 2% fat, It is also high in protein, iron and omega 3 fats and omega 6 fatty acids. Compared to beef, kangaroo contains double the amount of iron and triple that of chicken and pork.


Wild boar has a rich flavor that is unique and often not comparable to other meats. The meat is very high in protein and is considered to be an excellent source of monounsaturated fats and zinc. The meat is also very high in vitamins and minerals. 


Venison has a unique taste and texture, with a rich and earthy taste and imbodied with hints of the acorns, sage and herbs that the antelope enjoyed during its life. It’s a lean meat with less fat and moisture than beef but smoother and firmer.  

If you have more specific requirements please use our Productfinder



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