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Dear all,

on this page, we would like to share some information with you about a project called ONE, which is currently ongoing at SARIA Germany and SARIA Austria.
It involves the implementation of an ERP system (ERP = Enterprise resource planning; you can watch the video on the right for more information) in all our subsidiaries in those countries (listed here). Following an in-depth analysis of our business processes and the definition of ideal end-to-end processes for our daily business, we are introducing Microsoft Dynamics 365 (D365) as a state-of-the-art replacement for parts of our current software. Another important goal of the project is that we want to move towards standardized processes, across both businesses and locations.
This project, ONE, will potentially serve as a blueprint for the Group - whenever we want to implement an ERP system somewhere, it is intended to be D365. While nothing specific has been planned yet, we wanted to provide some information on the project in case you are interested in learning more and you would like to follow the implementation process more closely.

Patrick Radinger (Head of IT SARIA Germany)                  Tim Schwencke (CFO)

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Why did we initiate this project?

Having an integrated ERP system comes with many benefits and it can support us in being the best partner, which is manifested in our SARIA Framework. Various specific factors also came into play when we started ONE as an all-encompassing IT and process project:


No standardized processes across busniess units and sites

Among other things, our strong growth has meant that we sometimes have very different procedures for the same tasks. Depending on the business unit, but also to some extent from site to site, a process that is supposed to lead to the same goal can look completely different. In recent years, we have looked at many workflows in detail and defined an optimal process for various tasks that, for example, makes the employee's work easier or is the most cost-effective. In the future, we would like to use these optimal processes across the board.

No reliable data

Information such as our customers' contact details or key operating figures for the branches and business units are currently recorded in different ways and are often stored in several places. As a result, it is often not clear which information is the correct one, and required information is sometimes difficult to obtain. In the course of ONE, all relevant master data will be merged, cleansed and from then on maintained at a central location. This means that they can be retrieved at any time.

Information on key figures often difficult or time-consuming to obtain

The fact that key figures will be available clearly and quickly thanks to central data management via the ERP platform, the creation of reports will also be simplified. This eliminates the need for a great deal of time and effort in many places, which had to be invested in the past in order to make the course of business operations visible.

Many individual systems

Not only the processes differ, but we also use several different programs such as RUMS, Fimox, Cobra and often Excel to perform our daily work. This can cause work to be inefficient and error-prone in places, or require multiple entries. In the future, we would like to run the essential business processes from start to finish through one integrated system, namely the ERP software, in order to minimize the effort and make the work easy and pleasant.

Current order management system is no longer supported

RUMS, the system through which a large part of our operational processes in Germany run, is currently being replaced by REMONDIS with a new system and will no longer be supported in a few years. Therefore, we at SARIA also need a new solution in order to be able to continue processing our orders.

As part of ONE, we are taking a critical look at our business processes and improving them wherever possible. In addition, we will be able to meet the increasingly complex requirements that we encounter on the market. In addition, we are using digitization to run our business even more successfully.

In what ways do we benefit from ONE?

ONE will not only help us solve the above-mentioned issues, which many of us know all too well from our day-to-day work. In many aspects, the project is making a decisive contribution to setting the course for the long-term success of our Group.

We are always up to date with the latest technology, as the software is constantly being developed

Uniform processes and systems
make growth easier


Employees are relieved by better and partly automated processes and can
concentrate on their essential tasks


Greater transparency in the business enables us to identify and use potential and make the best economic decisions

Thanks to a modern user interface, work becomes more pleasent

360 degrees: we have a holistic view on our customers and ourselves and therefore we can be the best partner


What is the timeline for ONE?

Do you have any questions regarding ONE?

Please do not hesitate to contact us. We are looking forward to your message.

Please write us

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