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Alliance between SARIA and Daka planned




Selm/Ringsted. The SARIA Group and Daka Group are planning to join forces to boost their activities in the processing of animal by-products. The management of the two groups signed an agreement under which SARIA will acquire a majority stake of 51% in Daka in mid-2011, subject to approval by Daka’s members and the competition authorities.

When signing the agreement, both management teams highlighted the benefits of the alliance. “This alliance reflects the trend towards consolidation within the agriculture and meat industries and ongoing globalisation in the processing of animal by-products, and is therefore an exciting step into the future,” said Kurt Stoffel, Chairman of the Management Board of the SARIA Group. Chairman of the Daka Board of Directors Hans Klejsgaard Hansen and Managing Director Lars Krause-Kjaer also underlined the importance of the alliance from Daka’s perspective. “By teaming with SARIA, Daka will achieve significant synergies – the two groups ideally complement each other. We also believe that Daka can benefit from the SARIA Group’s expertise with regard to processing organic waste, allowing us to develop new business activities for Daka in Denmark and Sweden.”

Headquartered in Selm, Germany, SARIA Bio-Industries (www.saria.com) is an international manufacturer of quality products for human consumption, animal nutrition, agriculture, aquaculture, and industrial applications. The company focuses on producing high-quality proteins and fats from animal by-products. SARIA is also active in the renewable energy sector (biodiesel and biogas) and is a significant provider of services to the agriculture and food industries. Some 4,000 people work for the SARIA Group in ten European countries.

Based in Ringsted, Denmark, Daka (www.daka.dk) operates in a similar market segment to SARIA, with activities principally in Denmark and Sweden. In addition to processing animal by-products for the pet food, animal feed and fertiliser industry, Daka produces blood plasma products for a variety of human consumption and animal nutrition applications. Like SARIA, the company also produces high-quality, second-generation biodiesel made of animal waste via its Daka Biodiesel subsidiary. The Daka Group employs some 300 people in Denmark and Sweden.

SARIA and Daka have been working together in the field of biodiesel since 2006, when SARIA acquired a 10% stake in the Daka biodiesel plant in Løsning and contributed technical knowledge and other support during construction of the plant. When signing the agreement, the two companies highlighted the context: “The successful partnership experienced in this business segment was instrumental in the desire of the two sides to extend the relationship to the core business of the two groups.”


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